[Scribus] Quick and dirty columns

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Wed Jul 18 15:30:34 CEST 2007

Rhys Evans wrote:
> Something I find handy in InDesign is right-aligning text then using tab to split the text to left aligned left of the tab and right aligned to the right.
> Is there a way I can achieve this in Scribus? It doesn't seem to do the same automatic alignment of words on multiple lines using tab either but is there another method?
This sounds like a kludge for something else. I gather you are wanting 
to do full justification with a space in the middle?
In that case, it sounds like the solution is something like one gets 
with \hfill or \hdots in TeX, the latter filling in the space with dots. 
I don't think there is yet a proper implementation of anything quite 
like this in Scribus.
What I find works to at least some degree is to set Align Text Forced 
Justified, start your text, then place a number of spaces (not Tabs) 
before you enter the text to be Right-justified on that line. This is 
using 1.3.4, but I suspect it will also work 1.3.3.x. What I don't know 
is what the limitations of this technique are. It's pretty easy, and I 
see that as few as 2 spaces will accomplish this.

I'll put something in the 'Working with text frames' article in the Wiki 
for others' future reference.


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