[Scribus] Cinepaint and CMYK

frank gaude' tanzen
Fri Jul 13 23:36:21 CEST 2007

John R. Culleton wrote:
> I am contemplating using Cinepaint instead of Gimp because of the 
> availabilty of cmyk.  In fact I am part way through the install 
> process (that ol debbil missing prerequisites blew up ./configure.)
> Before I chase my tail further how close is the functionality of 
> Cinepaint to Gimp? Are there important features I am giving up in the 
> move?
> My activity centers around massaging illustrations, photos etc. for 
> print use. 
The only one or two I can think of, and the reason I don't use it, are 
no 'curves' to alter the slope of the gamma of photos, and no way to 
connect to a local printer. Now, I could be wrong about these, but that 
is the I remember Cinepaint. Oh, the interface reminds me of the '90s 
Linux stuff. The whole thing would take commitment to learn from that of 
most other newer designs.


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