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Fri Jul 13 11:13:57 CEST 2007

On Fri 13 Jul 2007 (00:11:02 +0200), scribus-request wrote:
>Software choice depends on what you need to do and some more general
>requirements like price, source availability, source "freedom"
>guarantees, etc. Identify your requirements and go from there. If you
>need to import Word documents produced by people who think Word is a
>program, for example, Scribus is not and probably will never be
>for you. Publisher might be, especially if you'll be printing the
>resulting jobs out on a home printer. On the other hand, for designing
>reasonable sized jobs like brochures for commercial print Scribus might
>be a good choice. If you're designing books it's hard to go past
>InDesign or FrameMaker (the latter especially for technical writing) or
>good old TeX.

 Thanks for your comments. Our environment is a local monthly publication with
a distribution of 500 - 1000 copies. This is too large for conventional home
printing and too small to be put out to tender without sacrificing quality at
the prices we can afford.

 There must be hundreds of local magazines like this and they depend on
volunteers who have limited computer knowledge and obtain copy from a very wide
range of contributers using a large range of software on home machines.

 Up to date we have used Ovation Pro (RISCOS and WINDOWS) and Ventura but we
have relied on the RISCOS hardware and software to do the more difficult
conversions from the likes of Word, Publisher etc (mixed text and graphics is
well served this way). However the expertise for this is retiring very soon!!!

 On the printing side we use high speed laser printers, a Xerox Phaser for
colour and a booklet maker but are thinking of purchasing a new combined
printer/collator/stapler/folder from Xerox, Cannon or HP to reduce the handwork

 To continue this work the whole process has to be as smooth, uncomplicated and
glitch free as possible. We are thus looking for the best possible DTP software
of which we can afford at least 3 copies for the main team members.


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