[Scribus] Order of layers and objects using master pages not consistant?

Julian Robbins julian.robbins
Thu Jul 12 14:48:58 CEST 2007


We have an odd problem, I havent seen before. We have a master page with 
a Header. But items on the normal page always appear above (ie in terms 
of layers or selections) any of the objects in the master page; but we 
want the objects on the master page to appear in front of (eg on top of) 
any objects on any other layers on the normal page.

I have made sure that the objects on the master page are raised to the 
highest level, and that the layer they are on, is above all the others. 
The objects are also ungrouped.

I hope this clear, otherwise I can upload the file somewhere to look at.

Kind regards

Julian Robbins

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