[Scribus] Font Help Please

Greg Hill bettyandgreg
Thu Jul 12 02:39:59 CEST 2007

This is how I got fonts to work in Ubuntu Feisty:

Open terminal. Type sudo nautilus. Enter password when prompted.
When Nautilus opens navigate to home/[user]/fonts
Assuming you have placed your recently downloaded fonts on the desktop,
simply drag them into the fonts window. Close Nautilus and restart
Scribus. Your fonts should now be visible to Scribus. If not try logging
out and then logging in again. Open Scribus and you should have your
fonts available.
Hope this works for you. I went through hours of pain trying to install
fonts in Feisty, but you have to do it as root or it won't work.
Good luck.

On Wed, 2007-11-07 at 20:29 -0400, John Brown wrote:
> John Jason Jordan wrote:
> >The other day I downloaded and installed three of the ADF fonts on my
> >Ubuntu Feisty computer. I put them in ~/.fonts, then ran sudo fc-cache
> >-f, but the fonts did not appear in Scribus. I closed and restarted
> >Scribus, but still no fonts. Then I rebooted the computer, but the
> >fonts still do not appear.
> >
> Kubuntu provides an applet for installing fonts in the Control Panel.
> Maybe Ubuntu has something similar.
> >They also do not appear in any other application, so evidently
> >something more basic is wrong. What is the secret to getting fonts to
> >work?
> >
> Do your new fonts appear when you run fc-list? Is it possible that Scribus
> does not use fontconfig to find fonts?
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