[Scribus] Font Help Please

John Brown johnbrown105
Thu Jul 12 02:29:29 CEST 2007

John Jason Jordan wrote:
>The other day I downloaded and installed three of the ADF fonts on my
>Ubuntu Feisty computer. I put them in ~/.fonts, then ran sudo fc-cache
>-f, but the fonts did not appear in Scribus. I closed and restarted
>Scribus, but still no fonts. Then I rebooted the computer, but the
>fonts still do not appear.

Kubuntu provides an applet for installing fonts in the Control Panel.
Maybe Ubuntu has something similar.

>They also do not appear in any other application, so evidently
>something more basic is wrong. What is the secret to getting fonts to

Do your new fonts appear when you run fc-list? Is it possible that Scribus
does not use fontconfig to find fonts?


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