[Scribus] Scripting questions

Craig Ringer craig
Sat Jul 7 22:39:25 CEST 2007

Gregory Pittman wrote:

> I have the same version of 1.3.4 and it has this in Help > Scribus 
> Manual > For Developers > Scripter API > Document Commands:
> newDocument(...)
> newDocument(size, margins, orientation, firstPageNumber, unit, 
> pagesType, firstPageOrder, numPages) -> bool
> It looks like the added variable is number of pages.

You should be able to just use `help(newDocument)' in the Python
interpreter to see this as well.

Rather than renaming the method, this change should probably have been
made by adding a keyword argument, so that existing scripts don't need
changes. Ah well, it works.

Craig Ringer

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