[Scribus] Inserting table via python-script

halish halish
Thu Jul 5 23:38:34 CEST 2007

Unfortunately, tables are not featured in Scribus.

Dnia 05-07-2007 o 23:09:04 Akki Nitsch <akki at akki-n.de> napisa?(a):

> Hi everybody,
> first I've got to thank all scribus-developers for their great work.
> Nice tool and it's fun to use it.
> Well, I'm a student of technical writing and during my master thesis i
> want to compare some open-source-tools with commercial tools that are
> used in technical writing - that's, for short, is the reason for my
> question.
> I'm trying to write a little python-script that imports OOo-Calc-Data
> into scribus. After reading the data out of the sheet, I'm looking for
> a way to insert it into scribus, but I can't find a method in the
> Scripter API for inserting a table into a scribus document.
> Is this method missing or is there a special way to do this?

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