[Scribus] Copying text

Roger hovergo
Tue Jul 3 10:08:41 CEST 2007

Is there a secret way to copy and paste text from other applications? I
have text in a Firefox page, selected and copied it, but Scribus
continues to paste something I placed in the clipboard several hours
ago from another program. I pasted the new text into Gedit as an
interim, but Scribus is still seeing the old data.
but Scribus is still seeing the old data. ----- because that is still in the buffer.

I use this method frequently.
Paste the selection into gedit, save it with a .txt extention (for instance
xxxxx.txt)  to an appropriate text folder
The name doesn't matter unless you want to refer to it at a later stage.
Then in Scribus open a text box, Get Text and open the xxxxx.txt file and it
inserts the text file instead of the buffer.

It's a round-about way but has saved me a huge amount of time in the long run.
Keep the text file for the duration until you have completed the assignment.

Also I have pasted int Gedit then saved it,  then with Scribus and gedit open,
copy from gedit then cut
and paste into a Scribus text box using <Edit Text> from
then close the text file.
Basically we put the gedit copy into the buffer.

Works for me

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