[Scribus] Generating funds for and from the Scribus community

Cedric Sagne cedric.sagne
Mon Jul 2 10:06:39 CEST 2007


I am not sure if this has been attempted before, but one way of spreading
the word on Scribus could be through seri mugs or t-shirts
    which can give awareness for the logo (just a suggestion on the objects,
    these days they do everything you can imagine).

    It could also be a nice way to raise funds from the community to pay for
    hosting and other development costs - after all paying 20-25 EUR for a
t-shirt which generates 15-20 eur profit for the Scribus community is really
    cool way to support the work we all enjoy and actually use.

    In that respect more visibility on scribus.net for a way to donate to
    the Scribus project is possibly the first step in generating funds. The
    Scribus project is open-source but this does not mean that those in the
    community who can afford a small monetary contribution should not be
    incentived to do so.

For example I would rather find it normal that
    downloads offer the possibility to go to a donation page.


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