[Scribus] end-to-end publishing solution??

MaHan ma_han2000
Wed Jan 31 15:38:36 CET 2007

--- Matt Donnelly <donnellymp at gmail.com> wrote:

What can be done to get the ball rolling? Would it
make sense to put upa wiki or something like that so
the community can work on thinking this project
through? I've never been involved in a project like
this,and I'm not sure how this works, so your help (or
anyone else's) would be appreciated. If someone can be
the technical lead/project manager, I can supply the
industry insider POV. The end result would be GPL,
andI'm sure enterprising folks out there could make
some money on sellingconsulting/services.

There already is a Scribus Wiki for things like that.
I think, it would indeed make sense for all interested
to start writing a draft and specify how the whole
framework should work. I've just created an (empty)
Wiki article for this purpose:


Please let me know, if you need a Scribus wiki


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