[Scribus] Images & CMYK

jon info
Tue Jan 30 12:25:10 CET 2007

Am 30.01.2007 um 11:51 schrieb Riku Leino:

> Patrik Johansson wrote:
>> When I place a RGB image in Scribus and export the document to pdf - 
>> is
>> the image I placed in the document converted to CMYK?
>> - Patrik Johansson
> If you use target "Printer" in the PDF export dialog. You probably 
> should
> enable color management to get better results with printer target 
> (others
> will hopefully tell you more about this, i'm not an expert). Could you 
> please
> send plain text messages to the mailing list. Thanks.

IsoCoated as a printer target might be a good choice for an unspecific 
offset profile,
there are ISO profiles available for different paper, paper colors and 
print methods.
If you you want to prevent colors from converting you should use 
pdf/X-3, but you
still need a color target to be included.
For both ways you should have a chance to visually review the output, 

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