[Scribus] importing eps file as a base layer

Christoph Schäfer christoph-schaefer
Mon Jan 29 00:10:43 CET 2007

Am Sonntag, 28. Januar 2007 17:04 schrieb Michael Farmer:
> Hi
> Can someone please help me?
> I am a recent convert to Scribus and am truly impressed by its power and
> capabilities even though I am still only scratching the surface.
> I recently completed a series of product Data Sheets for printing onto
> pre-printed blank templates. These consist of a series of text and image
> boxes saved as a .sla file in Scribus created on a single background layer
> and work fine for printing hard copy.
> My challenge is that I want to find out how to import the eps file of the
> pre-printed template onto a layer and superimpose the various .sla files on
> top. The purpose being to then produce PDF output for use as a downloadable
> file from the web.
> I feel sure that this should be possible but am not able to accomplish it
> to date.
> Many thank's for the help.
> Michael Farmer

Hi Michael,

even though I'm not sure what you plan to do, Importing Scribus files OR 
copying and pastings all items from one doc to another seems to be a way to 
go. If not, please desribe your goal more specifically.



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