[Scribus] Scribus for Mac OS X

jon info
Sat Jan 27 20:24:50 CET 2007

>> 1. Can you describe the machine, including RAM and CPU
> G4, 2 GB Boot hard drive: 115 GB, HD2: 280 GB
>> 2. What version of OS X
> 10.4.8

This shouldn't keep scribus from running smoothly.
(if you leave a min of 3 GB free on your primary disc)

>> 3. When you say you installed X11, did you use the original 
>> Developper Tools CDs that came with your machine
> ?I installed the original from the Tiger disk, then I went on to the 
> Apple website and upgraded it
>> 4. Did you try installing Fink and have Fink install Scribus for you
> No. What is Fink?
>> Plus, it might be useful for us to know whether you have an enormous 
>> collection of fonts on that machine since this seems to be an issue 
>> for Scribus while building the font cache.
> ?Yes. I have a LOT fonts on the 1st and 2nd hard drive
>> 5. You could try removing a fair amount of fonts (you'll put them 
>> back later)
> ?Should I move them to my external Hard drive? What if I have other 
> programs that depend on these fonts?

 > Andreas descriped the paths where scribus looks for fonts in a 
previous post - I lost it but I remember these are only the systems 
standard paths.
[   system/library/fonts/    library/fonts/  users/xxxx/library/fonts/  
  /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts   ]
So, if you move some of your private fonts out of that locations it 
will be fine. For the process to remove them from X11 AND scribus 
caching I cannot provide any advice. Should be automatically rebuild - 
but I am not sure.

 > For a another try you should move ALL of your private fonts out of 
these folders/paths - and to be on the safe side temporarily deactivate 
any font-activation tool. You shouldn't move any system fonts. Let's 
see what happens.
BTW a common cause for failures by reading out font paths by scribus 
might be the usage of special charcters e.g. ^?(/,.:-???+#!%$%&$!"?* in 
any part of the path.

You might want to have Andreas answer to this before you try.

>> 6. Did you try to install the Aqua version following all the 
>> instructions, including the place of the Lib files, etc.
> Yes, I installed and tried both versions, (but not at the same time). 
> Lib files are in Users/macrisci/Library/Frameworks/(then are in their 
> respective?
>         ? ? ?folders). I left the framework folders alone when running 
> the Auqa version (I read somewhere that it was okay not to delete 
> them).
>> If you are using OpenOffice and not NeoOffice (which is the Aqua 
>> version of OO.o and runs Aqua natively) it means you are running OO.o 
>> under X11. Does that work?
> ?I have both OpenOffice and NeoOffice installed. Yes, they both run 
> fine. Both boot up perfectly, and Open office does start X11 (1.1.3, 
> XFree86 4.40)

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