[Scribus] Cant embed Arial Regular font in PDF

jwminer at accessvt.com jwminer
Wed Jan 24 00:41:09 CET 2007

Jon wrote:
> All "modern" commercial Fonts got embed or not embed (subset) bits.
> Arial is a free font, freely available, so it should allow embedding
> by
> 100%.

I happened to remember that I have at least two Windows programs
that can look inside the font for its level of allowing embedding,
so I started my Linux QEMU virtual machine running Windows 95. Both
FontMonger and the MST TrueType File Properties utility show that
embedding is fully allowed for Arial.

So yes, Arial allows embedding 100%. I don't know why it won't embed
for you.
--Judy Miner
  Vermont, USA

Registered Linux User #397786

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