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avox avox
Mon Jan 22 14:43:57 CET 2007

Michael Crisci wrote:
> Craig,
>      Yesterday I left Scribus running for over a half an hour, and it  
> was still stalled on setting up the font cache. Should it take that  
> long? I suspect something else may be the cause. Is there anyone I  
> can contact to do a diagnostic check and walk-through on this program?

Building the font cache the first time might well take half an hour.
Difficult to tell since it depends on the number of fonts you have and
your hardware. But I'd not expect more than two hours on a PPC.

About installing/deinstalling:

The 1337 binary is self-contained and doesn't use any of the old
libraries, except Ghostscript. Removing the Scribus.app bundle will
There are also some Scribus settings in /Users/yourname/.scribus .
This is a hidden directory, but it doesn't take much space and you
can ignore it. If you need to remove it you can do it from the
Terminal application with "cd ; rm -rf .scribus" (take care you dont
add any spaces within ".scribus" !)

If you want to check what Scribus is doing, there are two possibilities:
a) open /Applications/Utilities/Console.app and search for any output
Scribus makes
b) open Activity Monitor, select the Scribus process, and click on the
information icon (blue 'i'), then on analyze. This gives you a list of
functions Scribus spent time in recently.

It's also possible to start Scribus in debug mode from the Terminal:
just type "gdb /Applications/Scribus.app" and Enter. In this case
all Scribus messages are written to the Terminal instead of the Console
and you can interrupt Scribus at any time by pressing Ctrl-C in the
Terminal and set breakpoints, print backtraces etc.

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