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Cedric Sagne csagne
Mon Jan 22 14:26:59 CET 2007


Currently using OO for a rather long document, I decided to split it in two as it was becoming unstable. I would rather stay on one document and rework the master on Scribus though.

I made an attempt on Scribus to transfer it, but the Master Pages do not allow content to be input in text frames. Unfortunately having to draw precise text frames with editable content is time consuming, especially since a minor layout difference will immediately be spotted by the human eye. 
Guides and Snap to Guides are fine for one page layout, but for all pages, it is tedious. 
Is there a setting in building Master Pages to allow a specific text frame to be editable/linkable (but still lock it in place for design uniformity) ?
Is there a workaround not involving Master Pages which I have missed?

Also this document is meant to change over time, as I am in charge of the content AND the layout. It is easy to manage images and get text to flow around it, but when 10 lines are included, the layout is disturbed to the next section. I can keep sections 3-4 pages short (also useful for the Table of Contents) but not more. Is there a way to anchor the images to the point where they appear in the text?

Last but not least, I appreciated the Table of Content help provided here, but found that Table of Contents were not flexible - for example defining styles and associating them with entries (take a document with headings 1   1.2   1.2.3)
Any tips I could benefit from? Is splitting the document and staying on OO less painful ?


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