[Scribus] OT kerning (or tracking) specs.

Niels Weckwarth niels
Sat Jan 20 10:30:23 CET 2007

> I have a customer who has a designer who has specified the setting of
> certain 
> text headings etc. with the terminology:
> "kerning 250"
> or
>  "kerning 40"
> I am not familiar with this particular terminology. Neither is my InDesign 
> consultant.  It looks like 100 may be normal letter spacing but I am not 
> sure. In any case I would call this tracking rather than kerning.  Since it
> isn't TeX and isn't InDesign teminology I assume it is Quark-speak. 
> Any Quark folk on list who have seen this kind of specification before?   If
> so can you explain what is desired in the two instances shown above? Are 
> these 100th parts of an em or an en?  I hate to look ignorant to my customer
> but my experience is primarily in TeX where fiddling with letter spacing is
> more or less anathema. 


Although I'm not familiar with either of the techniques, I would suggest this article
which explains kerning in contrast to tracking which seems to be familiar to you.




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