[Scribus] Universal Binaries for OS X

John Harrold john.m.harrold
Fri Jan 19 05:21:00 CET 2007

Hey Louis,

Sometime in January, Louis Desjardins proposed the following: 

| I can confirm Scribus works on Intel Macs. The build is for PPC mac running
| up to OSX 1.4. and it runs smoothly on Intel iMac and on Mac Book Pro
| (latest Intel model). I have Scribus running on those two machines. I simply
| followed the install instruction.

Thanks, I'll pass this on to my friend so he can download it.
| BTW I found no real issue on Rosetta. Stuff running on PPC runs as well on
| Intel unless you push them to the limit, I can only guess!

He said it runs well until he runs out of ram. With the stock 512, he had a
hard time running two office applications at the same time (e.g., word and
excel). Since he upgraded to 1.5 GB, things have worked well for him.

Be Dandy.

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