[Scribus] Hyphenation and justification improvement?

Tornóci László torlasz
Thu Jan 18 18:57:55 CET 2007


I have already used scribus to make an ECG workbook (see 
and now I am planning to make an ECG course book as well. This one is 
going to have lots of text (imported from openoffice) with a wide margin 
and lots of illustrations (imported as svg from inkscape). I guess I 
will not have major problems, but I am concerned with hyphenation and 
justification. I plan to use 10 pt linuxlibertine font for text with a 
decent line length, but even under these favorable conditions I think it 
is going to take a _lot_ of manual tuning to get nicely set text boxes.

As far as I see scribus changes only word spaces automatically for 
justification, it does not change letter spaces or character widths. I 
can change these manually, but it takes a lot of time to get a nice 
typeset. It would be _so_ nice to be able to set min/max limits of 
change for word space, letter space and char width for _automatic_ 
hyphenation and justification (preferably multiline). I appreciate the 
work of the developers, I like scribus a lot, so this is just a humble 
request. However, I think the current automatic hyphenation and 
justification simply doesn't result in the same high quality result, 
that the program gives me in other areas. Do you have a time estimate 
for this feature? If it is expected within a couple of months I could 
save a lot of manual work.

				Yours: Laszlo

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