[Scribus] Workaround for Adobes joboptions?

jon info
Sun Jan 14 16:34:07 CET 2007

Am 14.01.2007 um 14:57 schrieb Tino Schwarze:

> Hi Moritz,
> On Sun, Jan 14, 2007 at 02:14:59PM +0100, Moritz Dorka wrote:
>> my printing office requires me to send them PDFs generated by Acrobat 
>> using a
>> specific joboptions file.
> It usually boils down to
> - PDF version
> - minimum image resolution
> - fonts embedded or converted to outlines
> - CMYK (Scribus: Export-Target Printer)
> - ... did I forget something?
ah yes, most important: trapping information (trapped or not)
still don't know how scribus sets this.
fonts embedded or subsetted (copyright restrictions)
compression method (graphic / jpg, jpg2000, zip, ccit)
down(or up)sampling of grayscale images or bitmaps
max image resolution (this is important)
trim box, media box, bleed box, (offsets)
opi (allowed disallowed) imo scribus does not save opi information

(might also forget some)

You might always open any .joboptions file with an text editor.
some of the settings might apply to your job, some not because the are
automatically handled by scribus or are only processing option for 

>> Since my project is very limited in terms of the overall costs, Im 
>> trying to
>> avoid buying Acrobat...
>> I know Scribus doesnt support these joboption files. (see:
>> http://nashi.altmuehlnet.de/pipermail/scribus/2006-April/017458.html 
>> or
>> http://docs.scribus.net/devel/classPDFOptionsIO.html) But is there at 
>> least a
>> way to closely recreate the output of Acrobat using Scribus's 
>> PDF-Export?
>> The joboptions file is only plain text, so if there would be a 
>> documentation
>> for Adobes implementation around, one could at least try.
> Just post the file, then we may look at it; maybe create a doc for the
> Wiki...
>> Or do you have any other suggestions on how to both minimize the 
>> trouble with
>> the printing office and to avoid wasting money on Acrobat?
> Depends on what you are trying... Common hints:
> - try to have images at the desired resolution (often 300 dpi, no less)
> - convert fonts to outlines since there are often problems with 
> embedded
>   fonts (even though the PDFs are correct, some software has problems)
>   -> easy in Scribus, just look at the PDF export dialog
> - use "Printer" as output target
> - enable Color Management!!1! or your "Printer" output will be useless;
>   ask your print office for their profile
> - don't use transparency ;)
> - export as PDF 1.3
> HTH,
> Tino.
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