[Scribus] PDF in Windows

Tom Hicks tom
Sat Jan 13 22:52:17 CET 2007

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          "Steven Boothe" <steven.boothe at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 1/6/07, Tom Davidson <mail at tomdavidson.org> wrote:
>> So, quite a few can open the irs pdf with scribus or is everyone talking
>> about useing adobe reader?
>> With this particular pdf, we can use reader to save our formfill info, but
>> others we can not. I had thought scribus would allow use to open the pdf,
>> edit with our info, then export as a pdf again or save in xml to pass back
>> in forth for editing....
The reason that you can save the formfill infomation on the irs pdf is 
because they have got a  licence form adobe to produce pdf's where the 
users can save the form infomtion. Basicaly, the ability to allow 
people to save their form data is not documented in the pdf spec, so 
only adobe can produce pdf's able to form fill
(as far as I have heard, at any rate)


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