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avox avox
Sat Jan 13 18:29:18 CET 2007

Branko Vukelic wrote:
> On Saturday 13. January 2007. 17:58, Tino Schwarze wrote:
>> :-)
>> I didn't read the full thread, just a quick note: pdf2ps aka ps2pdf aka
>> Ghostscript usually doesn't do a very good job at converting PDF to
>> something PS. pdftops from xpdf is far better and it's output is usually
>> suitable for ps2pdf. I use this regularly to produce mail-optimized
>> PDFs.
> Well, here's a quick overview. Basically, I'm trying to convert some PDF
> 1.4 
> files with transparency to flattened PDF 1.3 files. So, if I got it right,
> I 
> am to use pstops to convret PDF 1.4 files to PS, which would be flattened 
> properly, and then convert PS back to PDF 1.3 using ps2pdf?
> Or could perhaps gs do it? AFAIK, ps2pdf is a wrapper (is that what it's 
> called?) for gs, right?

Yes, ps2pdf is a wrapper on gs, using the pdfwrite device. While pdftops
will produce nicer PS in many ways, I'm not so sure about transparency.
Ps2pdf can just flatten transparency by rasterizing it, I don't think pstops
will do that. Also note that mail-optimized PDFs will be very different from
prepress optomized PDFs.

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