[Scribus] Work stuck in Scribus...

jon info
Sat Jan 13 02:49:28 CET 2007

Hi Branko,

> (...)The artwork
> makes use of gradients, most of which have transparent nodes.
> Now, when I import the artwork into Scribus, I can edit the imported 
> colors
> and convert them to CMYK. I can also export PDFs v1.4.
> So, I have a few questions.
> 1. Is outputting PDF 1.4 safe? Or I should perhaps use 1.3 instead? 
> The client
> wants to be able to take the same file to different printers of his own
> choosing, so I want to be sure it would print in most cases (if not 
> all).

If you can make sure all involved suppliers can work with 1.4/PS3 and 
there should be no trouble. The chance today is by 50:50 (pro and 
copyshop mix).
If not, you should consider to convert all transparencies to real 
(rasterize) and use PDF 1.3.

> 2. If I am to use PDF 1.3, how do I get rid of preflight error 
> messages about
> transparency?

Rasterizing your transparencies? Sorry, but I am new to scribus and I 
don't know how to achieve this.
Scibus itself does not seem to have the capabilities to do so.

> 3. My client asked me for an editable version of the artwork. So, how 
> can I do
> that using Scribus? Or is it perhaps better to just give him the 
> original
> SVG? He can't use Inkscape, and he asked if I could provide a 
> CorelDRAW file,
> which I naturally can't... :-(

Doesn't Corel 11 support .svg? I thought so.

> 4. As last resort, I'd like to export (or otherwise convert the 
> artwork) to a
> raster format in color-managed CMYK mode. Is that possible and how?

Sorry, but i am used to work with mmpf adobe soft, you might always use 
photoshop for this.
Export PDF -> Open in Photoshop
If you work with a mac pl32 (photoline) can do this, too - it's 
shareware at least.

> BTW, this is a bit off-topic, but... Is it even okay for the client to 
> ask for
> editable versions? I mean, this is not a book or anything he really 
> should be
> editing... What are your experiences regarding such clients? Had any?

Yes, a few. I nearly always let my customers pay for this service, if I 
WANT to give my work away.
Giving editable data away is one kind of a deal and must be clear for 
both sides from the start.
This, in my opinion is got to be paid extra, because I not only give a 
product away but the possibilities to
create multiple products from my master.

I got a few customers who asked for conversion, this to that and that 
to this - what I learned is:
Conversion is often mostly impossible, or at least tough work. Much 
more expensive in time and money
than the originating product - do they want to pay your time and 

I am not always asking for money. Depends on what they do and who they 
Non commercial projects? - I feel happy if I can help. Lovely person 
but low on budget - that's okay.


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