[Scribus] Can't export anything !

eric devost ericdevost
Wed Jan 10 02:17:44 CET 2007

Hi all,

I installed scribus 1.2.5 on FC5 and on my Debian Etch box. I also tried
the developpement branch on Etch, same problem everywhere, I am not able
to export or print anything ! I get a blank page exporting PDF or PS and
the print preview shows nothing... I'm quite sure it's an easy and dumb
fix, but I can't figure what it is !

Besides that, Scribus is working great on my two boxes, could it be a
missing package ? I installed it with Synaptic on Debian and Yum on FC5,
so the dependencies should be ok. The latest ghostscript is installed

I can print and generate pdf from other softwares.

I've been googling around for a couples of day's without being able to
solve this anoying problem. ???!!!

I would realy appreciate any kind of hint.

Thank you very much,


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