[Scribus] Updating text boxes

Peter Nermander m8130
Tue Jan 9 13:24:35 CET 2007

>     Thank you for your answer, but I have tried to copy a text box
> containing information from a one master page to another. Perhaps I was
> not clear enough, what I want is to have one set of Master Pages that I
> can use from month to month, and therefore I need to be able to CHANGE
> in information in the text box on the cover page and have the
> information CHANGE in all the other pages. I tested this in Scribus and
> it does not seem to work for me. What am I doing wrong?

A Master Page is like a background for pages. You create ONE master page with
the Issue number and then apply it to ALL pages. Then the issue number will end
up on each page, and you only have to change the master page to change the issue
number on all pages to which you applied the master page.


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