[Scribus] Footnotes -- any ideas?

Bill Powell bill
Mon Jan 8 21:01:57 CET 2007


Hi Scribus folks,

Although Scribus doesn't officially support footnotes, I've searched
this list and find that several people have published full books with
Scribus. Did any of y'all use footnotes? I'm a typesetter who's coming
from LaTeX; I have a particular client who wants to be able to edit
the files for his book himself if need be. I've talked him into trying
Scribus instead of getting me a license for InDesign, since the
learning curve for Scribus is (as you know) exponentially less than
LaTeX for someone coming from Indesign. Unfortunately (my bad), I'd
only used Scribus for book covers before, and assemed it had footnote

So. Any ideas? I looked for plugins/scripts/tips, haven't found
anything yet. I'm happy to do a little programming if I have to, as
long as it's something my client can easily run on his end. (I had
this great idea for a sed script, but I'm not sure my WinXP client
would like that much.) Any help MUCH appreciated. Thank you!!



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