[Scribus] What's the relationship between right-to-left text and flipped frame?

Michael Koren kung42o
Sun Jan 7 03:26:01 CET 2007

As the subject says.

As far as I can tell, flipping a text frame mirrors everything--the
direction of text flow and the direction of each glyph, as well as the shape
of the frame itself--while clicking the right-to-left text property button
simply flips the direction of each glyph relative to the current text flow

However, it seems that toggling the right-to-left button also resets the
flipped status of the frame if necessary so that text flows in the
corresponding direction, though you can change it back by flipping the frame
again if you want (and there's a bug that I won't go into here about the
flip process if the frame isn't symmetrical). A bit confusing. :) So,

A) Am I right, and is this all the intended behavior, and
B) Why? Not using any right-to-left scripts, I don't know how their fonts
work; is the character-flipping business necessary for them? It seems like
direction of text flow would be enough of a thing to specify by itself, and
any font-specific stuff could be handled automatcally.

At any rate, wouldn't it make more sense to separate these into clearer
options, like explicitly "direction of text flow" and "glyph flip", without
tying them to a frame flip operation? I might want to use right-to-left
writing without flipping the shape of my frame....

Thanks in advance,

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