[Scribus] PDF in Windows

Nicholas Vettese nvettese
Thu Jan 4 20:42:55 CET 2007

Shouldn't Ghostscript be installed first, and then Scribus?  Something you
may want to check.  try uninstalling both, and then reinstalling GS first,
then Scribus.


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disabled digest mode, so hopfully ill be able to respond better. sorry

> Have you, or your friends, installed Ghostscript?
yes, but not until after scribus was installed.

> Something must be wrong with their PDF viewers, or the PDF got corrupted. 
> Have you had them give you their PDFs to see if you can open them?
heres a link to one of the PDFs
these one i actually can't open on my kubuntu 6.10 machine (Scribus

> Make sure they're using the latest Scribus -- should be
recent install with the latest stable.

> Maybe a uninstall/reinstall of Scribus is worth a try.
k, well give it a shot


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