[Scribus] problem with printing on Suse

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Mon Jan 1 22:00:13 CET 2007

Le Tigre wrote:
> Hi everybody, and a happy new year!
> I've problems with printing from Scribus on Suse:
> the printer is a Canon LBP-1120, via smb (on a Windows machine). I can
> print without problems from all applications (Openoffice, etc.)
> But Scribus files aren't printed.
> 1? On Suse 10.1, KDE, in Kjobviewer I see the file which leaves the
> window like if it was printed, but it's not.
> And I can't print PDF made from Scribus with Acroread. Only KPDF and
> kprinter allows the printing.
> 2? On Suse 10.2 (other computer), KDE, the PDF is printed by Acroread,
> but not the sla file directly from Scribus: Kjobviewer tells "Error"
> after a moment.
> I suspect it's a question of weight, but it's really ennoying, because
> I've to print many tries all the day, and making a pdf is good just at
> the end of the day, when file is ok!
For some reason FC6 won't print through Scribus in the usual way, 
although I'm not seeing a problem with Adobe Reader. One thing I noticed 
is that the 'lpr' command is gone. The workaround in FC6 is to put 'lp 
-d/yourprinter/' in the Command box, after which it will print from Scribus.


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