[Scribus] Scribus Digest, Vol 48, Issue 48

Roger hovergo
Sun Feb 25 23:47:00 CET 2007

I am designing a DVD jacket cover. On the back I must fit a large amount of
text into a small space, and I need multiple font weights on one single
line. It is the sort you have probably seen on movie posters:


...and so forth. I put the plain text into the "story editor" window but
the "Style" selector boxes in the left-hand column seem to apply to an
entire line of text at once. In this case, I need to alternate styles for
almost every word on a line.
I must do similar to create a directory of people associated with our Eckankar 
newsletter group.
I find it easier to use text boxes for each item and position these with the x,y 
co ordinates in the Properties dialog for absolute accuracy then lock them in 
place. You can still change the text in a locked text box.
This way if you need to twig a dimension, it has no effect on anything else on 
the page, which is vital in small spaces.
It means having many text boxes and means naming each text box  from the 
Properties dialog and saving each text content as a separate text file but in 
the end its easier and far faster and safer to do it this way.

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