[Scribus] Sla2Pdf python module

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Sun Feb 25 16:37:16 CET 2007

andrea at promotux.it wrote:
> Hi list,
> Promotux's staff is proud to present Sla2Pdf library, a command line
> python module which converts Scribus documents in pdf files. We have
> released an initial version capable to translate basic elements of Scribus
> XML dialect, such as images, tables, cells, colors, borders, some fonts,
> etc..., but the prospect will be obviously to make a complete conversion
> between sla and pdf formats; this module is already used inside our open
> source software promoGest, a small businness management application.
> We will appreciate contributes of anyone, at this link
> http://trac.promotux.it/promogest/wiki/sla2pdf/index
> you can find project's details and Trac's tools useful to interact with us.
> Our website is http://www.promotux.it, visit it for further informations.
 From their site:
"First developed as a part of Promogest, now Sla2Pdf works as a 
stand-alone library and it produce a enough satisfactory output, but 
there are a lot of things to do."

--> enough satisfactory output (?)

The only supported fonts are:

    * Courier
    * Courier-Bold
    * Courier-Oblique
    * Courier-Bold-Oblique
    * Helvetica
    * Helvetica-Bold
    * Helvetica-Oblique
    * Helvetica-Bold-Oblique
    * Times-Roman
    * Times-Bold
    * Times-Italic
    * Times-Bold-Italic

The only supported elements are:

    * text-boxes
    * tables
    * text-color
    * background-color
    * borders
    * images (images path must be the same of sla input file)
    * page format

I've tried several .sla files and can't get anything to complete...can't 
find image files...various "token" issues...invalid character number...
When it doesn't find/understand something, you get no output.
Looking at Sla2Pdf.py, it relies on various Python resources to find its 
way through an .sla file and generate the PDF, or at least it tries to.

Released under the GnuGPL.


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