[Scribus] XML and textstyle filter

Femke Snelting snelting
Fri Feb 23 13:23:45 CET 2007

Ah thanks for the info; this helps. Will keep you all posted on progress 
with the project.


Riku Leino wrote:
> avox wrote:
>>> But to begin more modestly, we are trying to find a way to clean up web
>>> content while retaining markup, before importing material into Scribus.
>>> Researching possibilities, we came across the amazing text-filter
>>> feature and were wondering:
>>> - Will the way filtering is handled change a lot with the new text
>>> engine coming up?
>> The new text engine and the gettext/filter framework are different
>> parts of Scribus. Tsoots has been working on a rewrite of the gettext
>> system, he would be the best to explain the changes in that area.
>> As far as I understand it's mainly increased flexibility of applying
>> filters.
> There will be some improvements to text filters with the GT2 (get text 2) for 
> what the core engine has been coded already.  The two largest changes will 
> be: 1) it will be possible to filter any file type that has an importer 
> plugin in Scribus (not only plain text files like it works now) and 2) 
> character styles will be included there too.
>>> - Is there a way the filter can handle html tags, or only after closing
>>> tags have been stripped off before import?
>> Not yet AFAIK. But we'll move towards XML/XHTML+CSS in the future.
>> (There will be substantial differences to web styles though, in particular
>> concerning font selection, color selection and text layout features)
> If we're still talking about Get Text... there will be a generic XML importer 
> available with GT2 that can be used to build customized importers with user 
> created mappings between xml elements/attributs and paragraph and character 
> styles and text formatting attributes.
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