[Scribus] Python API: How to copy and paste?

Robin Munn robin.munn
Fri Feb 23 03:50:06 CET 2007

I'm trying to write a script using the Python scripting API to make it
easier to produce A4 booklets from a bunch of A5 pages. In other
words, I want to print two portrait A5 pages side-by-side on a single
lanscape A4 page, placing the pages in the right order so that when
they're stacked and stapled they will produce a booklet.

My initial approach to creating this script was to create a new
document with A4 pages, then simply select all the objects on each
page of the current A5 document and copy/paste them to the right page
and location on the A4 document. However, I can't find any copy/paste
functions in the Python API reference at
http://docs.scribus.net/index.php?lang=en&page=scripterapi .

Am I missing something obvious? Or, if copy-and-paste isn't available
at all in the Python API, does anyone have a different suggestion for
how to go about a booklet-making script?

Robin Munn
Robin.Munn at gmail.com
GPG key 0x4543D577

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