[Scribus] Printing Multiple copies

russbucket russbucket
Thu Feb 22 22:40:25 CET 2007

Suse 10.2, Scribus (9 Jan 2007) Build ID CCTFA using Ghostscript 
8.15.3, Xerox Phaser 6120 printer. This printer worked with Normally 
don't print from Scribus, export to PDF  for printing news letter.

Just noticed a problem when I set the print to print multiple copies. It only 
prints the first copy. Checked bug reports and 0002774 is close except the 
work around (printer options - copies) does not exist. Look at the archive 
for last several months and did not see anything even though I thought I 
remembered seeing this problem mentioned. 

The IPP report shows 2 for number of copies. If I export the scribus document 
to PDF it will print multiple copies, also OpenOffice prints multiple copies.

Don't see errors in cups log.

Is this a known problem? 
Linux register user 441463

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