[Scribus] Script to import addresses

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Sun Feb 18 22:40:16 CET 2007

Petr Van?k wrote:
> On ned?le 18 ?nor 2007, Owen wrote:
>>> I also include a sample address file, which uses a single blank line
>>> after each address as a trigger to create the text frame, clear the
>>> address and go back to the file for the next address, so it must end in
>>> a blank line. If you have two or more blank lines between addresses, you
>>> will get frames on blank pages.
>> That's a very fine start and I am sure it will get developed further by the
>> python types.
> just for your information - there is one student project developing python 
> based "mailmerge" feature for scribus. It looks promissing and it should be 
> at code.google.com next week (developer swear on it ;).
> When I saw latest snapshot it worked with csv, mysql and pgsql. XML is on way.
I thought about doing this for use with postgresql, but it seemed that 
it might be like killing a fly with a sledgehammer. Considering this is 
only 20+ lines of code, it's easily understandable and adaptable for a 
variety of purposes, not just addresses.


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