[Scribus] spot color halftones gets converted to cmyk

Tobias Hagberg tobias
Thu Feb 15 16:53:35 CET 2007


I have prepared a Scribus document that uses two spot colors and black
only. The layout includes some svg illustrations imported from
Inkscape. I have updated the colors of the illustrations to only use
the Pantone colors, and black. The illustrations include gradients
made up of one of the spot colors (i.e. 40% Pantone 307C to 100%
Pantone 307C). However, when I export the document to PDF version 1.3
the gradients get rendered using cmyk colors, even if I uncheck the
"convert spot colors to cmyk" option on the color tab in the Save to
PDF dialog.

Anyone have a solution to the problem?

Best regards,

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