[Scribus] Commandline starting

Rolf-Werner Eilert eilert-sprachen
Thu Feb 15 08:24:30 CET 2007

Craig Ringer schrieb:
> Craig Bradney wrote:
>> Its a plan, and I have done a lot of work to separate code wherever
>> possible, however this won't continue now until we move to Qt4 in 1.3.5!
>> where we get the benefit of the separation between core and GUI code in Qt4.
> To explain further, Qt 3 is a single unified library that requires a GUI 
> to be available in order to do some many basic operations (such as 
> creating an off-screen pixmap or doing most other graphics operations) 
> even when the application has not created any windows.


Thanks for your in-depth explanation, this has clarified a lot. Since I 
program a little for myself (Gambas, not C++) I can imagine where the 
difficulties are :-)

Let me add one more question about the Scribus sla file format: Where 
does it indicate on what page an object is to appear? I found a way to 
duplicate a page, but I could not bring a text frame to a certain page. 
It just stayed where it once was.


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