[Scribus] Success story and question.

Jan Schrewe jschrewe
Thu Feb 8 05:31:39 CET 2007

Kite Lau schrieb am Donnerstag, 8. Februar 2007:
> ? 2007-02-07?? 19:14 +0100?Jan Schrewe???
> > Yes, the details are exactly what  I am looking for. The Problem is
> > that the
> > position of the textframes is absolute. So in order to generate the
> > "master
> > file" with 500 pages I need to know how calculate the position and I
> > didn't
> > find anything in the documentation of the sla file.
> You make this master file within Scribus. Why you need to know the
> position?

Yes, you are right. I just found out that it is possible to copy a page 

Thank you all.


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