[Scribus] Success story and question.

Calum Polwart scribus
Wed Feb 7 18:40:26 CET 2007

Given that scribus is XMl is it not perhaps possible to fudge it like

Create the "Master Document", with some place holders in the text =
something that will be unique = I am thinking along the lines of a
seperate text box for *Name* *Address* Etc. Perhaps using *Name* as the
place holder (would need to check that * isn't wildcard later!)

Use some scripting to duplicate that master document 500 times within
its self - not sure exactly the detail of how that would be done - but
I'm sure someone here knows.

Then write some script in something like perl that would do this, in
pseudoscript: (I don't do perl etc sorry!)

Open scribus sla file as a text document
Open the database
for n = 1 to 500
Read record 1 from the database
Search from start for *placeholder1*
Replace *placeholder1* with record from database relating to palceholder
Search for *placeholder2*
Replace *placeholder2*
Next n
Save sla file as sla file (new name?)

Then you open the sla and convert to PDF?

Just a thought?

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