[Scribus] cmyk workflow

Axel Bojer axelb
Tue Feb 6 01:21:33 CET 2007

Axel Bojer skrev:
> avox skrev:
>> Axel Bojer wrote:
>>> Hey, you give me hope :-)
>>> That means, as I suggested at first, my image
>>> http://www.bojer.no/Ariadne2006/ariadnes_aarbok2006-omslag-somBildeGB.tiff
>>> is indeed as good as can be, it just has to be converted to cmyk, correct?
>> I think so.
>>> If yes, why isn't this file correct cmyk:
>>> http://www.bojer.no/Ariadne2006/ariadnes_aarbok2006-omslag-TilTrykking-BareEttBilde.pdf
>>> As mentioned: it was made the following way:
>>> 1) Make what I want to have in Scribus
>>> 2) Export as png
>>> 3) Convert png to tiff with Gimp
>>> 4) Import the new tiff-image as the *only* element in a new Scribus file
>>> 5) Export this with the "to printer" option to make a cmyk pdf file.
>> Here the exact color settings for PDF export would be interesting, since
>> that changes output dramatically:
>> * Use ICC profiles yes/no
> No
>> * Use ICC profiles for images yes/no
> No (When I turn ICC profiles on I in "Document settings--colour 
> management" I see this option in "Save as PDF--Colour". I suppose the 
> best is to turn it on (I see just one profile installed, I suppose this 
> is the standard Scribus profile? It is named "sRGB IEC61966-2.1"
>>> Or can someone confirm that the pdf-file linked above will, printed, 
>>> look about the same as the linked tiff file above? If yes I can sleep 
>>> sound tonight :-D
>> I'm afraid not. It might well be that the colors you chose are outside the
>> CMYK gamut,
>> especially greens are tricky for CMYK.
> I see ..., bad choice, technically :-(
> I have tried now with the standard options and Colour management on.
> The resulting file is here:
> http://www.bojer.no/Ariadne2006/ariadnes_aarbok2006-omslag-TilTrykking-EttBilde-ICCprofil.pdf
> I have also put up my cmyk picture for the case that someone wants to 
> have a look:
> http://www.bojer.no/Ariadne2006/ariadnes_aarbok2006-omslag-somBildeCMYK.tiff
> (NB: almost 50mb big)
> But I can't say I spot any difference in acrobat reader between what I 
> had without icc-profiles and what I get with ...

... but I see that also in Kpdf and Xpdf the resulting pdf:
(mentioned above) is viewed in *green*, not gray(ish). So it seems to me 
the colour profile solved it after all -- I just used the standard one 
(for all kinds of images). But, of course the real exam will stand 
tomorrow when the printer has gotten his/her hand on it ...

Jon? Did you make a try? If not, perhaps time to sleep? :-D

Again, thanks for all help!
Axel Bojer

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