[Scribus] cmyk workflow

Axel Bojer axelb
Mon Feb 5 22:29:05 CET 2007

avox skrev:
> jon-73 wrote:
>> Am 05.02.2007 um 21:07 schrieb Axel Bojer:
>>> How? The image is totally flattende and looks quite as it should be,
>>> quite the way I made it in Scribus. All my problems would be solved if
>>> this file could be made cmyk and still be printed the way this file
>>> looks on the screen. No transparency in this file at all, no layers no
>>> nothing, just plain png -- made tiff by Gimp. I will try Imagemagick,
>>> perhaps that will be a help.
>> I don't think so. I am not fully aware of the options within .png 
>> format, but
>> as scribus is not capable to reduce transparencies the .png will, if it 
>> still
>> looks right, contain the transparent layers and vectors. So if you 
>> render
>> the file to plain tiff, as long as gimp is not capable of transforming 
>> them,
>> which it is not (as others here stated), they will be excluded - and 
>> rendered
>> to unwanted results.
> That's not correct. In fact Scribus *will* flatten transparency when
> creating bitmap images from pages. It uses for this the same routines which
> are used for drawing on screen (cairo, libart will produce artefacts).
> It's just a very crude way to flatten transparency...

Hey, you give me hope :-)
That means, as I suggested at first, my image

is indeed as good as can be, it just has to be converted to cmyk, correct?
If yes, why isn't this file correct cmyk:
As mentioned: it was made the following way:
1) Make what I want to have in Scribus
2) Export as png
3) Convert png to tiff with Gimp
4) Import the new tiff-image as the *only* element in a new Scribus file
5) Export this with the "to printer" option to make a cmyk pdf file.

Or can someone confirm that the pdf-file linked above will, printed, 
look about the same as the linked tiff file above? If yes I can sleep 
sound tonight :-D
(If not I am confuse about how and why this would happen, just one good 
file and scribus exporting to pdf-print. What could possibly be simpler? 
What could possibly be wrong??)

If not, I hope to just convert my tiff file (which is now confirmed to 
be ok :-) to cmyk and hope the printer will accept it as such.


I see here:
two suggestions: convert and jpegicc.

Like this:
jpegicc -i inputprofile.icc -o outputprofile.icc -t1 -b input.jpg output.jpg
convert RGB.tiff -profile RGB.icc -profile CMYK.icc CMYK.tiff

But what profile has scribus used when it made my png-file?
(I have turned this option off now, although I know from other threads, 
that it is for the better to use but any than to use none. But does this 
go for the "save as an image" option too?)
And what profile has Gimp used?
And what profile will my printer be happy with? I once asked them, and 
they said they do not use profiles (or maybe they are just not aware of 
using it, I don't know ...).

In the same tread it is suggested
Adobe RGB
as reliable standards (i suppose), andd I see the converted images turn 
a lighter shade of green from doing it this way, both with jpegicc, 
convert and also krita (wich seems to be better at it as the last time I 
tried :-)

I also made a tread about this myself:
(seems like the scribus list postings are copied onto more than one 
location :-P)

Hopefully, one way or the other this will be something.

Best regards
Axel Bojer

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