[Scribus] Ink blots on PDF

jon info
Mon Feb 5 16:02:14 CET 2007

>>>> Hello,
>>>> I am doing layouts and PDF outputs for a Linux distro (PCLInuxOS, 
>>>> sorry
>>>> for the plug) magazine. We recently had a new release, and bundled 
>>>> with
>>>> this was Much as I am pleased to be using Scribus, I cannot
>>>> seem to tweak the settings to get good PDFs. Apart from the usual
>>>> tolerable "strange" behaviors", the layout process, etc. are in good
>>>> order but when it comes to opening the PDF file, the pages are
>>>> unreadable. Imagine a book left out in the rain, and the ink of the
>>>> pages are all smudged. I am at a lost on where else to look.
>>>> I've attached at small clipping for your inspection.
>>> What font were you using? Was it embedded in the PDF?
>>> Owen
>> Yes, they were. As a matter of fact, I tried different obvious ways 
>> to rectify
>> our problem but in order for us to get that magazine release on time, 
>> I had
>> to run a remastered LiveCD and use and the text were OK.
>> The typefaces we used were a mixture of GPLed TTFs and Postscript 
>> Type 1s.
>> As it is, the problem remains and we are hopeful that the Scribus 
>> community
>> may have some answers and/or solutions for us.
> It almost looks as if the fonts' strokes were turned on instead of 
> being turned off as normal.

Without the mentioned pdf at hand it's hard to tell. You might send the 
pdf to me personally - if you like,
I can open and check it with acrobat.
It looks like there are no fontpaths but instead only ps1 bitmaps are 
embedded or more likely the fonts were
not embedded and the pdf uses (defect) system fonts while displaying.
What is scribus saying about the embed/no embed/subset flags of the 
mentioned fonts?

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