[Scribus] Does Scribus support Fields...

Eilert eilert-sprachen
Mon Feb 5 08:54:16 CET 2007

Craig Bradney schrieb:
> On Sunday 04 February 2007 01:07:03 Scott Greenberg wrote:
>> All:
>> Does Scribus support Fields like those found in OpenOffice Writer or
>> Microsoft Word? i.e. Current date or DocInfo
>> I am looking for a way to create dynamic text frames. I was thinking that
>> a script could be created that searches for a predefined
>> PageItemAttributes and updates the matching frame with text from an
>> external file. However, I was unable to find a Scripter API method to read
>> attributes. Does one exists? Do I have to use the frame name?
>> Please provided a link to documentation explaining the usage of Doc/Page
>> attributes, besides TOC.
> There isnt currently a use for them outside of TOCs, however this, plus future 
> field type values will be implemented in the coming versions.
> Craig
> _______________________________________________

What I could need well is some kind of symlink to a piece of text or a 
phrase, e. g. a month's name to make sure this month appears all over 
the document in whatever font or style it's needed there.

It then might help to be able to produce the text automagically by some 
field type such as date (not in my case, but there might be others who 
can need it).


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