[Scribus] Memory Consumption on Image Frames

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Sun Feb 4 18:52:01 CET 2007

Nicol?s Carranza wrote:
> Gregory Pittman wrote:
>> Nicol?s Carranza wrote:
>>> I'm using scribus to do annotations on PDF documents. I import all the 
>>> PDF pages in image frames. I see that scribus caches in memory all the 
>>> images contained in an entire document and makes "imposible" to edit 
>>> documents with lots of images (40 (1800x2775) images take about 800MB of 
>>> memory for a 40 pages PDF). Anybody knows if there are plans to do a 
>>> more intelligent caching of images or image frame behavior (only caching 
>>> the images that are shown or its neighboring pages) so that we can use 
>>> scribus in documents with hundreds of high-res images?
>> Try going to File > Document Setup > Tools, and clicking on the icon for 
>> image frame specs. Reduce the On Screen Preview image quality to low 
>> resolution.
>> By doing this with a 60-image file in Scribus (these were jpegs), I was 
>> able to reduce memory usage by about 200MB.
>> I don't know what version you are using, mine was
>> Greg
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> Hi Greg. Thanks for the tip, using "low resolution preview" the memory 
> consumption was reduced from ~750MB to ~250MB on my 40 pages scribus 
> doc. (Scribus
> But... I really think that scribus needs better image handling (caching) 
> so that I can see the images in its full resolution  because I need to 
> do annotations about those images as an end product. Anyway 250MB for 40 
> pages are a lot because the complete PDF is ~400 pages and that would 
> make ~2500MB of cached low-res images; I split it in 10 pieces to make 
> it workable. This sounds like a request enhancement, maybe this list is 
> not for request enhancements but there it was.
I agree. After I sent the previous note, I tried making a PDF from a 
file with about 80 images and Scribus crashed, I think from the memory 
issue. I'm using a machine with about 500mg RAM and 1GB of swap - 
apparently not enough. In contrast, Adobe Reader uses a whole lot less 
memory to load a file with 60 images.


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