[Scribus] Question "Hors Sujet": extraire Fonts d'un pdf - pdf aus pdf-file sichern - extract font-file from pdf

jon info
Sat Feb 3 00:35:11 CET 2007

Hi Martin -

The legal part of font extraction.
Most font licenses doesn't allow extraction from pd files.
PD or free fonts may be extracted, but I can't see the point, because 
they are freely available.

The technical part.
A lot of font licences (and most of newer licences) doesn't allow full 
embedding, only subsetting.
In this case trying to extract the font will fail, because only used 
characters are embedded.
All I know is that kerning and hinting information will always be lost, 
though I may be wrong.

If your need is to extract only one or a few graphics from a font file 
embedded in a pdf
you could always use a pdf editor to open and copy the paths.

Knowing this you might find further information here (covering 
extraction of ps1 fonts):

Wasn't so hard to find with google {pdf font file extraction} or does 
google france block this?
Would be an interesting fact 'bout google policies.

Just keep in mind that font extraction might in most cases be 
not-so-very-legal - depends
very much on the laws of your local lobbyists.


Am 02.02.2007 um 21:15 schrieb mamem at gmx.net:

> Once I have seen a kind of How-To on Internet, but cannot find it.
> It seems to be possible, if I have the rights (passwords?) of the
> file?
> The question is still open...
> Thanks,
> Martin

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