[Scribus] Many Versions = 2

Roger hovergo
Mon Dec 31 23:47:37 CET 2007

no one's working on 4 versions of Scribus. 1.3.3.x is the stable series and
will receive bugfixes until a new stable version is out. 1.3.4 is available,
but work continues in the 1.3.5 development tree.

So we have two versions that are being worked on.

I had to smile reading this post.
You guys are so dedicated.
May I wish you a great New Year and sincerely thank you for all the work you do
to give us one of the finest pieces of software I have the pleasure of using.
Personally, I don't mind bugs and possible problems in trialling a latest
version as long as I can keep the older working version for our newsletter.


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