[Scribus] Mail overload

Roger hovergo
Mon Dec 31 23:46:58 CET 2007

> Hi Roger,
> this might sound too stupid to mention... but you can strongly reduce
> the data load by taking your files out of the mail (no more attachments)

Hi Jurgen
Thank you for letting me know.
This has me very confused, I've never intentionally sent data files and I've
never sent attachments to Scribus.
What is happening and how can I fix the problem please?
What are the attachments received, can you give me some information.

Is this occurring because I hit 'reply to all' instead of starting a new thread?
Is it a Thunderbird problem --  I use Thunderbird in Linux FC6
I'll need help on this one  and how to avoid it in the future, thanks.
Apologies for the problem.

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