[Scribus] Scribus .sla to .html

Craig Ringer craig
Sat Dec 29 21:52:50 CET 2007

Roger wrote:
> Is is possible to convert a Scribus file to be a web page  .html
> Google hasn't helped me here, Has anyone done this.


There's been talk of an HTML export plugin, but there are a variety of 
issues that make it harder than you'd think (and less useful). Scribus 
is designed for exact positioning and sizing of elements. HTML on the 
other hand has to be viewable on many different sizes of screens with 
different browsers, different font sizes, etc, so it tends to be less 
exact about where everything goes.

It's possible to make HTML that is always locked to exact positions and 
sizes, but it's generally a bad idea as people with very high or low 
detail displays and people with limited vision find it very hard to handle.

Additionally, Scribus's text features cannot be reproduced in HTML. 
There's no way to control kerning in HTML, and the user-agent expects to 
do its own justification & text flow. Working around these issues would 
probably involve writing downright awful HTML that absolutely positions 
every character individually - and explodes into an unreadable mess when 
viewed with non-default font sizes.

If you want to publish Scribus-designed content, I'd recommend putting 
up a PDF. If you're just looking for a web page editor I don't think 
Scribus is what you are looking for.

Craig Ringer

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