[Scribus] Scribus

Roger hovergo
Sat Dec 29 03:34:13 CET 2007

Thank you for Scribus
It rpm'd with no fuss into FC8 with no help from me.

Can't wait for the latest version.

Thanks for the ability to import colours and schemes from other Scribus
documents that is a big help.
I have worked through the colours and put all blues together, same with greens,
reds and yellows, etc  Much easier to find the right colour than the default
I named my new colours to the C,M,Y,K percentages, for example N-50,0,10,0 instead
of light blue.
Prefixed with N- for Natural, B for Bright, P- for Primary, etc or what ever
prefix suits the scheme, this way colours for a particular scheme stay in the
correct relationship t each other. Also makes them easier for me to pick.

Would it be possible to have colour folders so that all the similar colours
(blues) can be in one folder, greens in another, etc so that we don't have to
delete unused colours and only the colours actually used are inserted into the
.sla file.


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